Peony Gent & Molley May


Both Peony and Molley are either back living with parents or about to move back due to financial circumstances caused by Covid. The time, money and headspace this opportunity would offer a true chance to worry less, make more, and take a breath.

Peony is also planning to use some of the money to fund a print run of a new comic, which she otherwise couldn’t afford to do, and use the rest to help fund her new small business making and selling quilts & rugs.

Molley wants to make the shift towards more sustainable printing and papers whilst still pricing her products at an accessible price - this likely would mean taking a portion away from profits. This grant would help cover some of the costs of this.

Peony Gent
Peony is a multidisciplinary illustrator, artist and poet who makes everything from comics to installations to quilts. What joins her work together is a love of the ordinary and the mundane, and the small beauties found in those things. She also is a huge advocate for the power of the personal and the safety and community that comes from the act of creating autobiographical art and work about the self. Much of her work also treats poetry itself as an act of resistance, the valuing of the subjective and the individual in a world that puts little value on either.

Molley May
Molley's practice is traditional, working with a range of mediums with a focus on texture and mark-making. Molley like exploring personal narratives and emotions through drawing and often blends together text and image. There is a focus on observational drawing but with some abstract elements - but ultimately it is routed in the ‘everyday’. Mostly non-commercial, Molley's practice centres around stand alone images or zines and booklets. 

Since the peer-to-peer support scheme Peony and Molley have began discussing ideas for a future textiles collaboration hopefully to be ready for summer.