Online 1.3.23 - 28.3.23
It’s Probably Whatever You Think It Is - Dina Kelberman

It’s Probably Whatever You Think It Is is an experimental streaming series in which Dina edits her residency page on the gallery website live as viewers watch.  She uploads images, draws on the page, types text, and generally experiments with the capabilities of the Cargo website editor.  The stream is accompanied by a soundtrack of minimalist synthesizers that she is trying to learn how to use and samples of her two-year-old child who she is trying to learn how to raise.  Hopefully it’s not a giant disaster.

Dina Kelberman is a multi-media artist who explores human nature through found digital media.  Her accumulations create monuments to our pervasive need to connect, create, and destroy.  She has created web-based pieces for the New Museum and Marina Abramovic Institute and exhibits internationally.  Her work has been written about by The New York Times, Art21, NPR, art theory books and textbooks.  In 2019 she completed her first feature-length recontextualization film, The Goal Is To Live and in 2020 she created an entirely new person.  She is currently engaged in a long-term residency with Fotomuseum Wintherthur, Switzerland in advance of the exhibition Lure of the Image in 2024.

Campfa 4.2.23 - 25.3.23
y sws mewn pinc - esyllt angharad lewis

y sws mewn pinc yw arddangosfa unigol gyntaf esyllt angharad lewis. Wrth chwarae rhwng argraffu, perfformio, gosodwaith, castio, arlunio a sain, mae’n cwestiynu i ba raddau y gellir ystyried cyfieithu, ar draws ieithoedd, cyfryngau a phrosesau, fel bwa.


y sws mewn pinc is esyllt angharad lewis’s first solo exhibition. Playing across print, performance, installation, casting, drawing and sound, this body of work questions whether translation - through languages, mediums and processes - can be viewed as an arch.

︎ Exhibition Text

︎ @esylltesylit

Arcade 11.22 - 02.23
Our current artist in residence in Arcade is Thomas Lloyd. Thomas is using the space to create a new body of work concerning aura and originality in a digital age.

︎ @thomaslloydartist

Campfa - 10.12.22 - 11.12.22
Third year fine art students at Cardiff School of Art & Design show new work at Campfa. Almost. comprises the work of 45 artists working across media for a weekend long exhibition.

︎ @almost_fineart
︎ @csadfineart

Campfa - 12.11.22 - 26.11.22
Associates Show
Our annual exhibition of work by ArcadeCampfa Associates. This year are showing work from Erin Donnelly, Lennie Grace, Imogen Marooney, Thomas Mullin, Chloe Winder, Ren Wolfe, Evelyn Wolstenholme and Zeta Zentella.

︎ Exhibiton Text

Arcade - 15.10.22
Works in Progress - Rebecca Jones
Following a three month residency with us in Arcade, Rebecca Jones exhibited works made while in the space.

︎ @rebeccjones

Campfa - 12.10.22 - 15.10.22
In Pursuit of the Perfect Sound - Charlotte Grayland
'In Pursuit of the Perfect Sound' explores the idea of forming 'perfect sound' and how this might exist as a combination of silent and sonic works, using appropriated musical score as a metaphor to discuss past identity, childhood memory and family relationships.

︎ Exhibition Text

︎ @cgraylandart

Campfa - 24.9.22
Cardiff Bookshop Map Launch
Cardiff Bookshop Map is a not-for-profit project offering greater visibility to Cardiff’s independent bookshops and reading rooms. The project includes a bilingual map available for free from independent literary outlets across the city, and a sound map available through, featuring interviews with the folks behind Wales’ first LGBTQ+ bookshop Paned o Gê, radical bookshop Shelflife Books and Zines, and Yellow Back Books; along with Rabab Ghazoul of the Turner-prize-nominated collective gentle/radical, and Peter Finch, the manager of Oriel Bookshop (1974–2006) – Cardiff’s first art bookshop, funded by the Arts Council Wales.

Accompanying sound map here:

Campfa - 24.9.22 - 8.10.22
To sit alongside the launch of the Bookshop Map, and to raise some funds for artists and the project, we worked alongside 18 artists to create a series of Risograph prints, using our Riso at Biscuits Press.

Alice Banfield @banfieldaec
Becca + Clare @beccaandclareareartists
Andre Stitt @andrestitt
Anna Barratt @annabarratt5
Cinzia Mutigli @cinziamutigli
Deborah Aguirre Jones @deborahaguirrejones
Dina Kelberman @dinakelberman
Emma Edmondson @emerrrhhhh
Freya Dooley @freya_dooley
Georgia Twigg @gerrrrrrtwerrrrr
George Manson @gergemanson Gail Howard @gail.howard1
Ian Watson @_w_a_t_s_o_i_d_
Jessica Akerman @jessica.akerman
Lu Williams @luwilliamsdotcom
Samuel Hasler
Sarah Roberts @sarahrobertsfa Somya Dhiman @somyadhimanar
Tom Goddard @thomas_goddard
Campfa - 2.7.22 - 20.8.22
Come to Sunny Prestatyn
Dominic Allan, Nicola Bealing, Nick Davies, Steven Emmanuel, Rosie Gibbens, Thomas Goddard, Rebecca Gould, Ellie Hoskins, Cinzia Mutigli, Georgia Neilson, Sam Venables, Sue Williams

This is not an exhibition about Prestatyn, but about the disturbing poem Sunny Prestatyn and its problematic poet Philip Larkin. It describes a poster of a girl saying “Come to Sunny Prestatyn” and its eventual decline into debauched defacements and erasure on a train station platform. Written 60 years ago, the poem touches on issues still relevant today, such as women's safety, toxic masculinity, the affects of advertising, and the potentially violent feelings of those left without a voice.

Dominic Allan
︎ @dominic_allan_

Nicola Bealing
︎ @nicola_bealing

Nick Davies
︎ @nickdaviesworks

Steven Emmanuel
︎ @biscuitarchive

Rosie Gibbens
︎ @rosiegibbens

Thomas Goddard
︎ @thomas_goddard

Rebecca Gould
︎ @rebecca__gould

Ellie Hoskins
︎ @elliehosk

Cinzia Mutigli
︎ @cinziamutigli

Georgia Neilson
︎ @georgianielson

Sam Venables
︎ @sam.venables

Sue Williams
︎ @nomorepink

︎ English
︎ Cymraeg

Campfa - 30.3.22 - 7.5.22
Louise Bristow, James Cobb, Sarah Hardacre, André Stitt,  Ally Wallace

Curated by André Stitt ‘Brute Force + Militant Sunshine’ explores the legacy of militant modernism and its built environments through the medium of print, collage, object & film. The exhibition considers this legacy as a visionary and utopian embodiment of progressive civic, municipal, and social change through reactivation, glamour, otherworldliness, feminist critique, masculine liminality, fluid identities and discreet melancholy.

︎ @lou_bristow

︎ @cobbsix

︎ @hardacre.sarah

︎ @andrestitt

︎ @ally_wallace__

︎ Exhibition Text

Campfa - 30.3.22 - 7.5.22
unwhole - Anna Barratt & Gail Howard

Both concerned with the limits, transformations, and vulnerability of the body, Barratt and Howard have been in long form conversation across the past three months. The painting, sculpture and film in this exhibition are the outcome of these conversations.

︎ @annabarrat5
︎ @gail.howard1

︎ Exhibition Text
︎ Essay by Stevie MacKinnon-Smith

Mapping Workshops - March 2022

During March 2022 ArcadeCampfa was host to a series of workshops around the subject of mapping.

Deborah Aguirre Jones

An afternoon of different cartographies; pinning tails on donkeys, dot-to-dot drawing, dowsing and other inaccurate mark-making.

We are inviting a small group of friends and acquaintances to spend time with us in ArcadeCampfa, sharing ideas and viewpoints about where we are and where we’re going.

Deborah Aguirre Jones is a socially engaged artist who works with performance, dialogue, sculpture and other forms, setting up situations for encounters and conversations.

Addressing experiences of territory, home and un-belonging by looking at our relationships with public places, with each other and with the outdoors, she works in a wide range of contexts including landscape management, health and social care, the justice system, community /neighbourhood changes, early years’ pedagogy, the construction industry, leisure and tourism. Longer projects are collaborations with people who are not trained as artists.


Jo Fong

Several artists and members of Arcade Campfa will gather for a walk, some listening, some mapping and some imagining.

For this workshop Jo will host a city centre walk. It’s about how we live and how we connect with the city of Cardiff. Arcade Campfa’s home has been in Queens Arcade for 12 Years, at some point in the near future it will be demolished for a new shopping centre. Where to be?

Jo lives in Cardiff and her creative work reflects the need in these times for people to come together. Her artistic practice is an evolving, collaborative approach which puts ideas around belonging or forming community in the forefront.

︎ @NHNThere @JoFong

Sahra Hersi

Dreaming of an Artist's Space

What are the ingredients of this dream?

Artists are being priced out and pushed out of city centres across the UK. Whether it is in London or Cardiff, this is an occurring narrative. Empty high street shops, dormant shopping centres, and derelict office blocks could be transformed into artists' studios and galleries to bring life back to city centres.

ArcadeCampfa is based in a shopping centre, but the space is provisional. What could a dream artist's space look and feel like to inhabit? Maybe we can only dream, for now, so let's dream together!

Create a folded 8-page zine that explores and maps the ideal artist's space. Each zine will have prompts and be unique to its creator.

︎ @sahra_hersi

Campfa - 11.12.21 - 29.1.22

familiar falls
Curated by Rosie Harman
familiar falls brings together a group of ceramic artists whose work probes at our associations with the ordinary. Ceramics is indelibly linked to the everyday - the mug we drink from, the toilet we sit on and the bricks all around us. Yet, the infinite material possibilities of clay, glaze and colour provide a palette for language and metaphor. Through the guise of familiarity these artists undo the banal and play with its boundaries. They disrupt, dissolve and provoke new ways of seeing. They express the personal and scratch at the dichotomy between human, objects and our place in the world. While simultaneously patching it back together again, and serving you tea from it.

︎ Exhibition Text pdf

Rhyann Arthur
︎ @rhy_configured

Rosie Harman
︎ @rosie.harman

Becky Hoghton
︎ @beckyhoghton

Toni de Jesus
︎ @tonidjesus

Márek Líška
︎ @marek.liska_

Nathan Mullis
︎ @nathmully

Simon Sharp

Hannah Walters
︎ hannah.walters.ceramics

Yusun Won
︎ yusunwon_ceramics

Campfa - 2.10.21 - 13.11.21
Time to Rest - Anna Barratt, Delphi Campbell and Raisa Kabir

Time to Rest features the work of three artists: Anna Barratt, Delphi Campbell and Raisa Kabir for whom fabric & textiles play a significant role within their work.
This exhibition follows on from and includes work made during Delphi Campbell’s three month residency with ArcadeCampfa.

︎ Exhibition Text pdf

Anna Barratt
︎ @annabarratt5

Delphi Campbell
︎ @delphicampbell

Raisa Kabir
︎ @raisa_kabir_textiles_
︎ Raisa Kabir text for online reading

Campfa - 31.7.21 - 11.9.21
Companion Planting - Indiana Lawrence, Fern Thomas, Jessica Tremaine, Rosie Lee Wilson

Companion Planting is a group exhibition featuring the work of four artists whose work intersects around land and our relationship to it.

Exhibition Text pdf
︎ @rosieleewilson

Campfa - 2.2.20 - 16.1.21
it resonates like spalting wood - Beau W Beakhouse and Sadia Pineda Hameed
For their first solo show as a collaborative duo, Beau W Beakhouse and Sadia Pineda Hameed organise, enact and reiterate spaces for interpersonal communication and speculation. The installation it resonates like spalting wood comprises tools for a mode of dialogue that attempts to exist outside colonial space; prioritising tactile and latent ways of speaking, sharing and planning. This new body of work envisions the materials, means and possibilities of dialogue through traditional green woodwork, markings and enactment; resonant objects that share an unfamiliar, utopic green glow.
Exhibition Text pdf

Campfa - 2.2.20 - 16.1.21
The Past is a Foreign Place - Rithika Pandey
Rithika Pandey presents a selection of recent paintings and installation exploring personal narratives shaped by displacement, cultural memories, ancestral anxieties and the sacred realm of the imaginary.
︎ Exhibition Text pdf

Campfa - 10.10.20 - 21.11.20

BEEP 2020
SUM OF ITS PARTS - Graham Jones

As part of painting biennial BEEP 2020, Graham Jones presents small, non-representational works focussing on geometry, tradition, the familiar and the abstract.

︎ Exhibition Text pdf
︎ @grahamp.jones


Arcade - 10.10.20 - 21.11.20
BEEP 2020
ARENA - Jason Gregory
Jason Gregory presents new paintings exploring notions of place, memory, the real and the imagined.

︎ Exhibition Text pdf
︎ @jgregorypainting


Campfa - 11.3.20 - 5.4.20
Arcade Studio Holders
An exhibition of recent work from our studio holders at Arcade Studios: Zena Blackwell, Lara Davies, Rhiannon Siân Davies, Richard James and Lucia Jones.


︎ Exhibition Text & Map pdf
Arcade - 4.3.20 - 16.3.20
Escapism - CSAD Illustration 
Group exhibition of work from BA Illustration students at Cardiff School of Art & Design focussing on creativity as a form of escape.
︎ Artists’ Statements pdf
︎ Map & Text pdf
Arcade - 26.2.20 - 29.2.20
Sashi Handford, Stanley Mel and George Goom present recent work exploring the amateur, happiness and success in contemporary society. 
︎ Exhibition Text pdf
︎ @s.as1hi
︎ @stanleymel
︎ @george_goom
Campfa - 29.1.20 - 29.2.20
Based internationally and in South Wales,  the work of exhibiting artists Nadja Buttendorf, Sabrina Labis, Dina Kelberman, Paul Granjon and Ian Watson often draws upon digital culture and the internet to explore ideas around futures, social norms and our personal and social relationships to communication technologies.

︎ Exhibition Text pdf
︎ @_i_a_n__w_a_t_s_o_n_/

Arcade - 11.12.19 - 21.12.19
Associates’ Show
ArcadeCampfa’s annual showcase of our Associates’ artwork. Our associates volunteer to invigilate and assist with exhibitions and every year we offer an opportunity to exhibit their work in one of our spaces. In 2019 we extended the opportunity to volunteers at g39
︎ Exhibition Text pdf

Arcade - 4.12.19 - 7.12.19
Glass Houses - Ashleigh Trim
Ashleigh Trim presents an exhibition of paintings exploring notions of empty space and imagined narratives. 
︎ Exhibition Text pdf
Campfa - 27.11.19 - 21.1.20
Walking with my Eyes - Alice Banfield
Alice Banfield was the artist in residence at ArcadeCampfa for six months in 2019. The resulting work is shown in this exhibition.
︎ Exhibition Text pdf
Arcade - 23.10.19 - 26.10.19
Resonance - Philip Davies
Philip Davies presents an exhibition of new work in mixed media exploring ideas around memory, recollection, the conscious and subconscious.  ︎ Exhibition Text pdf

Campfa - 12.10.19 - 2.11.19
Spread - Grrrl Zine Fair
A portable, reconstructable exhibition space first exhibited in 2019, Spread is presented by Grrrl Zine Fair as an expanding, touring exhibitions, with a focus on platforming marginalised voices. Each new venue will present the work alongside new comissions via open call.
︎ Exhibition Text

Arcade - 9.10.19 - 19.10.19
How to Accurately Assemble a Scaffold
Megan Woodward-Hay, Jamie Lee Walton, Thomas Lloyd, Aron Nelson and Maria Parachidou present a body of work shown in various stages of fruition.
︎ Exhibition Text pdf
Campfa - 4.9.19 - 5.10.19
A Brief History of Healing
Artist Gail Howard works alongside University Hospital Llandough to create work with patients, staff and visitors. The exhibition was cross-site and featured artwork and workshops from artists Georgia Twigg, Alex Goodman, Sarah Featherstone and Lee Cutter.

︎ Exhibition Text pdf
︎ Evaluation Report
︎ @goodman.alex
︎ @leecutter_studio

Arcade 21.8.19 - 30.8.19
Summer Show - Criw Celf
Criw Celf host a series of masterclasses for young people who show talent and special interest in the art. The Summer School is a two week period of artist-led workshops and classes. 


Arcade 2.8.19 - 10.8.19
Gestures - Ethan Dodd
New work by multi-media artist Ethan Dodd exploring identity and the self.

︎ Exhibition Text pdf
Arcade 20.7.19
Home: a search from home, away from home... 
Campfa 19.7.19 - 24.8.19
The Reverse-Panopticon: A Brief Introduction into Aesthetically Enhanced Interrogation - Ric Bower • Nástio Mosquito • Kelly Schacht
Arcade 10.7.19 - 12.7.19
We Did it All on Purpose - Molly Sinclair-Thomson
Campfa 12.6.19 - 6.7.19
Toni de Jesus — Morgan Dowdall — Marek Líška — Elin Hughes — Yixia Lin — Youngeun Shin — Jaejun Lee — Hannah Walters — Sam Lucas
Arcade 15.5.19 - 25.5.19
Aurora Trinity Collective
Campfa 8.5.19 - 25.5.19
From Fear - Samuel Hasler

Arcade - 26.4.19 - 11.5.19
Snakenub - Jacob Taylor
Campfa - 28.3.19 - 4.5.19
Annihilation Seal - Jessica Akerman
Arcade - 2.4.19 – 6.4.19
Exhibition of ExhibitionsCardiff School of Art & Design/Fine Art/2nd Year
Arcade - 7.3.19 - 16.3.19
Abi Birkinshaw — Shauna Chapman — Magdalena Lackowska — Luke Roberts — Francesca Wilcox
Campfa 6.2.19 - 16.3.19
A mountain, foiled. A game, lost - Emma Edmonson w/ supportive labour from Rose Cleary
Arcade 8.2.19 - 22.2.19
Rūh/Soul/Enaid/ - Somya Dhiman & Charlie Lindsay
Arcade 11.1.19 - 30.1.19
Small Worlds - Nathan Mullis
Campfa 9.1.19 - 2.2.19
Criw Celf Summer Show
Arcade 28.11.18 - 22.12.18
Sarah Roberts
Campfa 28.11.18 - 22.12.18