Hanan Issa & Grug Muse

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We are interested in the way collaboration can work in the anthropocene, both between artists, but also between us as a species and our surroundings. Grug is based in Gwynedd and Hanan in Cardiff. With travel limited, we want to explore how we can develop a collaborative practice, rooted in our respective environments and communities (communities of people, flaura, and fauna) remotely. We would like to use the allocated meeting to set each other creative prompt, exploring each other’s surroundings using the other partner as a surrogate. Grug will send Hanan to find a tree in Cardiff; Hanan will send Grug to record the wind in Carmel. We hope to track how communicating in this way influences our individual creative output as well as exploring the innovative possibilities of connection that traverse the barriers of geographical distance.
About the Artists

Hanan Issa
Hanan is a writer and artist based in Cardiff. Her work explores history, myth and ways in which we connect with each other and nature. Her work attempts to blur the boundaries of magical myth and history.  She creates across art disciplines and is greatly influenced by the practice of conversation as a form of meaningful artistic collaboration.

Grug Muse
Grug is a poet, essayist, photographer and printmaker. Her work explores myth, water and language. She works with film and underwater photography to explore the waterways of her native area, exploring both access to water, as well as personal and cultural mythologies of water. She is a bilingual writer, working in both Welsh and English, as well as with translation.