earth:born X GWENBA

*earth:born* — is a collection of archived&ongoing work that  explores the relationship between organic and virtual spaces, forming digital growths from the earth’s core with performance, sound, video, text & new:media experiments. / — I’m interested in exploring communication and connection through the digital realm, mimicking the forms of Nature in the process. Creating growths that speak in data’d tongue /= hieroglyphs that read in emojis  sprawled onto rock segments.. microbial MyCelium Systems - (the twitter for mushrooms) and creating a symbiotic language between nature&data:

[[I plan on posting weekly instalments/updates of work in progress ]]





nacido en la tierra

jörð fædd

γη που γεννήθηκε


ولد الأرض

पृथ्वी का जन्म

כדור הארץ נולד

whanau whenua

рожденный на земле   


ddaear a anwyd*






˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°• I gaze up our humane” spieces

Eye way. Once upon a trestle of birth.

line the floor with a DNATA. banana peels and four sprouts.

the atmosphere is craving it.


Micro-organic connections.

Automated cloning of self & software.

<– it’s skin soft, there is a hunger 4 love.>

Roots embed themselves into the Internet.

i will lay my eggs in the bark of biotic routers.

>upon the dirt from which i came::/

01100001 01101001 0110110 01 00101









“A mutation of DNA: sprouting from a seed buried in fertile soil.  [s]Kin soft, cables and all; it is earth:born. //

  wip-  video stills, 2020
:treiglad o DNA: egino o hedyn wedi'i gladdu mewn pridd ffrwythlon. 

[s]Kin meddal, ceblau a phob un; mae on GENi:ddaear. //


                                               A windy day.

(dyed calico tapestry hung onto beech tree, plaster casts, <frog, computer chip, grub, nokia phone>, )


GWENBA x arcadecampfa - Virtual Open Studio




Scanned objects, video, 2020

//A BIG thank you to @arcadecampfa for having me as their digital artist in residence this month!

The idea or rather (thought-experiments) behind ‘earth:born’ stems from a  fascination with the concepts of merging organic matter with technology. Inspired by [feminist] works of science fiction where ‘alien’ tech seems to utilise these themes perfectly, where we begin to see a new understanding of the evolution of (hu)man{kind} through The Language of Nature.

These ideas, are mutated by my own body and words in order to create new worlds. Like anthropoids made from the sap of old oak trees conducting clean energy and dirty information, or a system of communication much like that of the fungi kingdom- to communicate between SOUL & SOIL using MyCelium Systems. [1]

I’ve been drawn to thinking & writing a lot about this, primarily creating said thought-experiments that convey a kind of satirical magical realism in regards to the work that I produce. It’s definitely an ongoing exploration (with add-ons here and there), and a sort of preface to what I’d like to continue working on. Over the residency I have been producing a series of experimental work [through performance, new:media<digital sculpting/scans>, text & video. I am currently in the process of continuing  to research + produce new work surrounding these themes (most actively on my IG page):

[1] (Fungi are made up of tiny threads called mycelium. These travel underground, connecting the roots of different plants in an area, even different species, together, allowing them to communicate and so much more. ... “. Interconnection right under our noses.)