The Turner House Launching 25.7.24

“The barking takes place at dusk, making the most of the human world falling away into the silence of evening.” 101 Dalmations 

Twilight Barking is a new collaborative project, working with Hafan y Coed adult mental health unit Activities Team. The project looks to explore the animal-human bond, and how animals, and dogs in particular, can alleviate boredom and promote wellbeing for in-patients at Hafan y Coed.

Emphasis will be on the centring of patient voice, and examining in a holistic sense what patients need to be heard. This will materialise through talking, making, spending time with the dogs and ultimately through an exhibition of work made throughout the project.

Weekly art sessions will focus around therapy dogs Angel, Maggie, Acer and Cali. Working with artists who have a connection with animals in their practice, the workshops will culminate in an exhibition at The Turner House gallery, showing work from commissioned artists alongside patients and staff, and will uncover some of the enduring potency of the bond between people and dogs. Twilight Barking is the communication chain for domestic dogs in One Hundred and One Dalmatians. It was the noisy network that saved the 97 dalmatian puppies from being turned into a coat, but on gentler days is the way the dogs caught up on daily life, communicating important announcements, wild theories, gossip, news and chat.

Artists include:
Kath Ashill, Clare Charles, Dog Ear (Emma Edmondson and Lu Williams) Molly Fairhurst, Gail Howard, Joshua Jones, Marek Liska, George Manson, Vivian Ross Smith, Dolly Sen, and Anthony Shapland.

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