Campfa - 2.7.22 - 20.8.22
Come to Sunny Prestatyn
Dominic Allan, Nicola Bealing, Nick Davies, Steven Emmanuel, Rosie Gibbens, Thomas Goddard, Rebecca Gould, Ellie Hoskins, Cinzia Mutigli, Georgia Neilson, Sam Venables, Sue Williams

This is not an exhibition about Prestatyn, but about the disturbing poem Sunny Prestatyn and its problematic poet Philip Larkin. It describes a poster of a girl saying “Come to Sunny Prestatyn” and its eventual decline into debauched defacements and erasure on a train station platform. Written 60 years ago, the poem touches on issues still relevant today, such as women's safety, toxic masculinity, the affects of advertising, and the potentially violent feelings of those left without a voice.

Dominic Allan
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Nicola Bealing
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Nick Davies
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Steven Emmanuel
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Rosie Gibbens
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Thomas Goddard
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Rebecca Gould
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Ellie Hoskins
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Cinzia Mutigli
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Georgia Neilson
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Sam Venables
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Sue Williams
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